Our philosophy

We believe that a healthy environment is formed by the way we see and approach the world as well as through our respect for nature. Therefore taking care of our health comes naturally to us. Sustainability is an important aspect of the development of our products. We aim to help people strengthen their resistance, not just their immunity, and we protect those who need it the most in times of danger. It is our wish to be able to enjoy ourselves even in times that are different or unusual. 

Recently, “face mask” has become a common term, and there are probably very few people who are not familiar with its purpose. However, the amount of misleading widespread opinions and theories might have left many people wondering and underestimating the real benefits of wearing face masks. A face mask integrated into a gaiter provides safety when and where it is needed.

For a healthy person, it goes against common sense to wear a face mask out in the open, in the middle of the forest, or in places where there are no crowds. On the other hand, it is wise to protect ourselves and others in the time of pandemic, when sick or otherwise weakened, and in places with high concentrations of people.

The antibacterial component formed by silver ions inhibits the growth of bacteria and, unlike common face masks, constitutes a safe, long-lasting, durable health accessory. The second crucial benefit of our product is the filter exchange options which provide the best protection. The combination of these two properties is what make the gaiter one of a kind on the market.

The neck gaiter with exchangeable filters is made of a functional fabric that is light, breathable and gentle on the skin. The material effectively wicks moisture away from the body, leaving it fresh and dry for long periods of time. In uncomfortable times, it is an indispensable accessory that is always ready to use and not at all obtrusive when worn loosely around the neck.


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