Purtana Comfort Air Blue

Antibacterial neck gaiter​ with replaceable nano-membrane. Protection against 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, allergens and solid particles like smog and dust. Functional fabric is light and breathable and gentle to the skin.

43  33  inc. VAT (excl VAT 27,27 )

In stock

In stock

Certified Product

VFE/BFE 99,9% virus & bacteria filtration

PFE 99,79% particles filtration

Antibacterial effects silver ions

Made in EU

It only takes a minute to exchange the filter

Protective neck gaiter with replaceable nano-membrane

The antibacterial neck gaiter consists of fibres containing silver ions which supply a permanent protective quality that won’t wash off. Together with its certified nano-filters, it provides protection against 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, allergens and solid particles like smog and dust. Its functional fabric is light and breathable, gentle to the skin and effectively wicks moisture away from the body, allowing for comfortable use during sporting activities and hard work. Its unique antibacterial property inhibits the growth of bacteria and, unlike common face masks, constitutes a safe, durable health accessory. It provides complete protection of the respiratory system in case of need or emergency and in places with a high concentration of people such as airports, mass transit, shopping centres and hospitals. It is not suitable for children under 3 years of age. ​

Neck gaiter

60% Polyester
40% Polypropylen with silver ions

Made in Czech Republic

Before you was your neck gaiter, dispose of the used filter.

Our recommendation is to avoid a spin-dryer to make the nose last longer. The warranty does not apply to physical damage and overuse of the nose clip.

It is possible to take out of the gaiter and use a regular washing cycle according to the instructions (washing symbols). 


How to use the neck gaiter?

  • Wash your hands before putting the face mask on
  • Use your fingers to roll the gaiter into your palms
  • Make sure the nose clip is securely yet comfortably fixed around the base of your nose allowing for safe, easy breathing through filter
  • Fasten the elastic band using its plastic stopper at the back of your head. Our recommendation is to lead the band underneath your ears

Frequency of filter Exchange

  • When used as protection against viruses and bacteria, Exchange the filter at the end of each day of usage – the maximum time of using the filtert is 12 hours
  • When used as a protection aganist allergerns (solid partlicles like pollen or dust) and smog, Exchange the filter as often as necessary depending on the color and level og clogging of the filter

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