Certified NANO MED.CLEAN filters provide protection against 99.9% of viruses, allergens and solid particles like smog and dust.

All materials we use in our products are top quality,
certified, tested and proven. No matter whether they are natural (such as merino wool) or syntetic.


The nanotechnologies that we use are certified, tested, and proven.

They support human health and provide for its direct protection. It is the health that matters the most to us. In order to achieve that we pay close attention to every ion of each fiber.

The modern technologies that we apply are environmentally-friendly to the core and are oriented towards long-term sustainability.

Nano membrane

Two fully breathable layers of non-woven fabric serve as two shields protecting a nano-fiber membrane that is effective enough to stop viruses, allergens, bacteria, droplets and dust particles from penetrating into the respiratory tract.

Bacteriostatic effect

Polypropylene fiber is like a jewel studded with ions of silver that grant unique qualities. In fact, silver ions inhibit the growth of bacteria and constitute a long-lasting hygienically safe space.

Breathability of the fabric

The fiber itself is delicate, non-irritating to the skin and hypoallergenic. It is non-absorbent. Therefore, all moisture is wicked away from the skin and drawn towards the surface. From there it evaporates into the air, and a stable thermic environment is achieved throughout the fabric.

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