Easy 1-minute filter Exchange

It only takes a minute to exchange the filter. Wash your hands, take a few mindful breaths and restore the filter exchange with a fresh, healthy energy flow. Remind yourself that patience, simplicity and compassion are the three greatest treasures.

1. Locate the filter

  • Place the gaiter on a flat surface.
  • Turn the gaiter inside out with the pocket facing up.
  • Turn the pocket inside out.

2. Exchange the filter

  • Find where the filter is attached to the pocket in the four corners with the four fabric buttons thread through it.
  • Unhook the old filter and safely dispose of it.
  • Take out a new, clean filter from the package and lay it out on the pocket with the rounded corners facing up.
  • Both sides of the filter are the same.
  • Thread the buttons through the filter, top to bottom, so that they are hidden underneath it.

3. Get the gaiter ready to wear

  • Make sure the top of the filter is correctly aligned with the top seam of the gaiter.
  • Turn the pocket right side out, hiding the filter inside it.
  • Turn the whole gaiter right side out and flatten it.

Reward yourself with a smile. You’ve done great job! Now, you’re all set to go out and breathe in safety.

Frequency of filter exchange

  • When used as protection against viruses and bacteria, exchange the filter at the end of each day of usage.
  • When used as a protection against allergens (solid particles like pollen or dust) and smog, exchange the filter as often as necessary depending on the color and level of clogging of the filter. Pollen will cause the filter to turn yellow.

How to put on the gaiter

  • Use your fingers to roll the gaiter into your palms.
  • Pull the rolled up gaiter over your head avoiding your nose, mouth and hair.
  • Make sure the nose clip is securely yet comfortably fixed around the base of your nose allowing for safe, easy breathing through the filter.
  • Fasten the elastic band using its plastic stopper at the back of your head. Our recommendation is to lead the band underneath your ears, but feel free to experiment to find the right position for you.

How to master the washing process?

  • Before you wash your gaiter, dispose of the used filter.
  • Our recommendation is to avoid a spin-dryer to make the nose clip last longer. The warranty does not apply to physical damage and overuse of the nose clip.
  • It is possible to take the nose clip out of the gaiter and use a regular warm water washing cycle at 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit).
  • Be kind to the environment and refrain from using any fabric softeners, bleach or strong detergents.

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